Thursday, December 22, 2011

List of assigned books as of December 22, 2011 (with name of assignor)

Lunar Men-Uglow-Frank

Dark Wood Wondering-Hella Haasse-Paul

Final Hour- Martin Rees-Fred

Nonzero: The Logic of Human Destiny- Robert Wright-Fred

Federalist Papers-Alexander Hamilton, et al-David

Man Without Qualities Robert Musil-John

Metaphysical Club-Louis Menard-Spencer

From Soul to Mind-Read-Frank

The White Guard-Mikhail Bulgakov-Paul

Alexander Hamilton-Ron Chernow-Fred

Palladio Four Books on Architecture-David

Ten Books Architectura-Vitruvius-David

Open Society and Its Enemy-Karl Popper-John

Wittgenstein's Poker-John Eidinow-John

Swann's Way-Marcel Proust-Spencer

Kind of Blue Miles Davis-Ashley Kahn-Frank

Sound of Surprise- Whitney Balliett-Frank

The Good Soldier Svejk-Jaroslav Hasek-Paul

Gifts of Athena-Joel Merker-Fred

Within A Budding Grove-Marcel Proust-David

Team of Rivals-Doris Kearns Goodwin-John

Adventures of Augie March-Saul Bellow-Spencer

Jazz Modernism-Appel-Frank

Art-Clive Bell -Frank

Concerning the Spiritual in Art-Wassily Kandinsky-Frank

In Praise of Shadows-Jun'ichiro Tanizaki-Frank

Kite Runner-Khaled Hosseini-Paul

The Double Helix-James Watson-Fred

Walden and Civil Disobience-David Thoreau-David


Leaves of Grass-Walt Whitman-Spencer

Democracy in America-alexis deTocqueville -Frank

Faith and Treason, Gunpowder Plot-Antonia Fraser-Paul

Einstein: His Life and Universe-Walter Issacson-Fred

Einstein's Clocks, Poincare's Map: Empires of Time-Peter Louis Galison-Fred

Roughing It-Mark Twain-David

Pragmatism and The Meaning of Truth-William James-John

Selfish Gene-Richard Dawkins-Spencer

Origin of Species-Charles Darwin-Spencer


Witches and Jesuits: Shakespeare's Macbeth-Garry Wills-Frank

The Leopard-Giuseppe Di Lampedusa-Paul

Human, The Science Behind What Makes Us Unique-Michael Gazzaniga-Fred

India Unbound: The Social and Economic Revolution from Independence to the Global Information Age-Gurcharan Das-David

Magic Mountain-Thomas Mann-John

Watchmen- Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons-Spencer

Persepolis- Marjane Satrapi-Spencer

The Singularity Is Near-Ray Kurzwell-Frank

Seagull and Uncle Vanya-Anton Chekov-Paul

In the First Circle-Alexander Solzhenitsyn-Fred

Notes on State of Virginia-Thomas Jefferson-David

The Museum of Innocence-Orhan Pamuk-John

Jazz Modernism-Alfred Appel-Spencer

Crowds and Power-Elias Canetti-Frank

The Blue Mountain-Meir Shalev-Paul

Washington, A Life-Ron Chernow-Fred

Watership Dawn-Richard Adams-David

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban-Rowling-David

I Am A Strange Loop-Hofstadler-John

To The Lighthouse and Room of One’s Own-Virginia Woolfe-Spencer

Benjamin Franklin-Walter Issacson-Frank

The Razor’s Edge-W. Somerset Maugham

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